First Step

Scan Invoice or
Send It by Email

If you receive the invoice by email, just forward it to a dedicated address. You can also upload invoices to the web application.

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Second Step

AI Automatically
Captures the Data

When collecting your data, Redque technology can understand it, interpret it and assign it to proper fields.

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Third Step

Simply Confirm
Extracted Data

You can make sure that your invoice is correctly processed, use validation workflow and add a timestamp.

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Fourth Step

Data Is Saved
in Your System

No matter which accounting software you use, Redque will automatically import all captured data from the invoice.

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Fifth Step

Your Invoice Is
Digitally Archived

We automate archiving too so you do not have to worry about it. Use your time more efficiently.

Redque in Action

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The formula uses average wage of an invoicing specialist in the Czech Republic.

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